I find it ironic that I’m sitting here at my local McDonald’s (while the kiddo is at football practice) typing this.

Why ironic?

Because one of my downfalls when it comes to food is a nice greasy, salty thing of McDonald’s fries and a large triple thick chocolate shake to dip them in. Yummo!

Of course now that I’m ‘talking’ about it my mouth is watering! But, I’m going to make the decision to NOT indulge in the ‘heart attack waiting to happen’ crud. (instead I had a grilled chicken salad with a Diet Coke)

This whole journey of exercising and healthy eating is all about decisions – the decisions I make whether to get off my duff and get to the gym to workout (I’m happy to report that I did get off my rump at Noon today and head to the gym for a nice workout) or the decisions I make to allow myself to think that ‘just one more won’t hurt’ or ‘I’ve worked so hard I deserve this’.

I used to think that I couldn’t control the binging or that people just didn’t understood that food really is an addiction for me. And yes while I still do agree that the food is an addiction I don’t necessarily agree that I can’t control the urges or the binges. Just like I said above it’s all about decisions. I make the decision to binge, I make the decision to keep telling myself that food is an addiction. So it’s time to start making a decision that food does NOT have to be an addiction or that I do NOT have to binge. It’s time to make the decision that I can learn how to have a ‘healthy’ relationship with food.

I just started reading a book that I bought a long time ago – Skinny Thinking: Five Revolutionary Steps to Permanently Heal Your Relationship With Food, Weight, and Your Body by Laura Katleman-Prue.

I’m only two chapters into the book and I’m learning tons. I love the fact that the author used to be a binge eater too. It really makes me connect with her and feel like she really truly does know where I’m coming from.

She sheds (no pun intended) the light on so many of the common misconceptions/negative thinking I have about food. It’s just really good so far and I can’t read it fast enough! lol (I recommend you pick up a copy).

The premise of the book isn’t all about decisions but that’s what everything boils down to isn’t it?

What decisions are you making today? Good ones or bad ones?


5 Responses to Decisions

  1. I completely agree with weight loss being about decisions. I have decided that I am going to succeed at weight loss and I am going to do what ever it takes to get there! I still indulge in McDonald’s once in a while, the difference is that instead of getting a Big Mac meal like I used to, I get a hamburger, small fry and apple dippers!
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    • Admin - Tishia says:

      Melissa – when my best friend used to do WW she would indulge at McDonalds…by purchasing a Kids Hamburger Happy Meal. Points wise it wasn’t all that bad and she was getting her ‘fix’ of McDonalds!

      I think when we get to the point you’re at – “I have decided that I am going to succeed at weight loss and I am going to do what ever it takes to get there” – is when we finally really start making the changes we need to make! I wish you the best of luck on your journey 🙂

  2. jj says:

    look I applause u and all in what ur doin’…but salty fries dipped in a choc shake??? is effin’ groce!!! yuk!!! how can u do that!?

  3. bob says:

    I know I don’t have the same relationship to food as you, but I had been listening to a “control your thoughts” kind of seminar recently and it struck me how much of a challenge it must be. It’s not like caffeine or alcohol wherein you’d live without it if you quit cold turkey. You always have to balance the need for food for sustenance. I don’t envy that challenge.
    I am admittedly lean, but I work at it. One perspective or lesson I learned that may help in your path is the role of sugar, insulin, and weight gain. I eat a lot, but I avoid sugar like the plague. As I understand it (not a doc, but live by this and it works) sugar causes spike in insulin. This causes your body to store calories floating around in blood in fat, and not send the nutrients to muscle tissue for energy/rebuilding.
    I avoid HFCS, and only buy bread, for example, low in sugar (rye, english muffins, sprouted oat). I barely drink alcohol anymore too.
    I realize this may sound like sanctimonious BS, but I fill on water and cleaner food. When I crave sugar when i’m wicked tired, I brush my teeth if possible. That snaps me out of my sugar craving (which i do have).
    Good luck. Hope those thoughts help.
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