Free Q & A Call With Fitness Expert Scott Tousignant

I’ve been impressed with Scott Tousignant ever since I first signed up for his Fat Loss Quickie program quite awhile ago. He sure knows his stuff when it comes to fitness and working out. Not only that but he’s full of encouragement, inspiration and motivation! He has a passion to help people get fit and healthy!

I recently met Scott in person when I attended a Niche Affiliate Marketing Conference in Atlanta, Georgia this past January. The one thing I loved about meeting him in person? He was just as great and ‘real’ in person as he was on the internet! That was right after I had started my Weight Watchers journey and I loved the genuineness in his voice when he talked to me about my journey. I even enjoyed working out in the hotel gym next to him one morning!

So now that I’ve babbled on long enough let me cut to the chase and tell you about a free Q&A call that Scott is doing with myself and other Plus Size Bloggers this Thursday night (April 15th) at 9pm EST.

Scott is making himself available to you (and me) for 1 hour this Thursday night to answer any workout/fitness/health related questions we may have! If you’ve ever felt like a workout programs are inaccessible because they’re made for skinny people or people already in shape this call is for YOU! Scott’s going to listen to YOUR feedback, answer YOUR questions about a workout program that would work for YOU!

Be sure to SIGN-UP for the call over at Plus Size Bloggers!

I hope to “see” you there!


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