I Need Your Help

Hey everyone!

I came to the two places I know I’ll get some great advice – my Facebook page and here. I’m counting down the days (11 to be exact!) until my dad, sister, son and I fly out to Florida! I am so stinking excited thinking that by 1-2 pm on November 20th I will be sitting in the sun, swimming in one of the two pools at Disney’s All Start Sports Resort, unwinding, relaxing, chilling, enjoying family and breathing in Florida air!!!

Hey can you tell I’m just a little on the excited side? 😉

While I’m super excited I’m a little nervous about sticking to a healthy eating plan while there! I have a hard time controlling myself over 2 days on the weekends how the heck am I going to manage 7 days in Florida?

My plan is to utilize the jogging trail they have (it only equals about 1 mile but that’s better than NOTHING!) and to pack some ‘healthy’ snacks. This is where I need your help!

Please leave a comment giving me some suggestions for healthy snacks that can be packed in a suitcase.

Thank you in advance!


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  1. Amy says:

    I deal with this a lot when I travel. Almonds, string cheese, and green apples are all snacks that I enjoy that can be packed and don’t have to be kept cold. Nut butter and rice cakes or melba toast is also a good filling snack. If you have room in you suitcase for a cold pack….I have purchased tupperware in the baby section at walmart that are perfect for individual portions of cottage cheese or greek yogurt. I also pack hard boiled eggs. For desserts, I like the Clif Bar oatmeal rasin…tastes just like an oatmeal cookie. The Balance Bar chocolate almmond tases just like a brownie. If you are able to stop at a grocery store when you get there and have a disposable cooler or mini fridge in your room, I pack bell peppers, grape tomatoes, cottage cheese, and eggs to take and have snacks by the pool. Have fun and enjoy your vacation!
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    • Admin - Tishia says:

      Thanks for commenting Amy. I’ve tried String Cheese warm before and it totally grossed me out. There’s just something about eating it non-refrigerated that gives me the heebie jeebies! lol

      Unfortunately we don’t get a fridge in the room unless we pay extra for it and I’d have to buy a cooler down there which isn’t going to happen because aside from being on a REALLY tight budget I don’t know if we’ll get out to hit a Wal-Mart or anything like that.

      I forgot about rice cakes – great suggestion!

  2. Power bars, whole natural almonds, and rice cakes! Yep! 😀 Have a blast, girl!!
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    • ragemichelle says:

      I Love wasabi and soy almonds. Just a little kick and they almost feel like cheating.

      I’m not sure what kind of restrictions you have regarding diet, but I’ve found that Atkins has some REALLY good candy substitutes. Especially the coconut bar, it’s very nearly the same as a Mounds bar. Yummy.

      I hope you have a WONDERFUL trip. I’ll be spending a few days there in January with my family and am very much looking forward to it!