Womens Swimwear Trends

womens-swimwearIt’s that time of year again – swimsuit season. Well ok technically here in Michigan it’s not quite swimsuit season yet but it’s coming up quick. I don’t know about you but shopping for a swimsuit always leaves me frustrated and not just because I’m plus size but because I never know what’s ‘in’ for the year. So this year I did some research and here’s some of the swimwear trends I came up with.

First before we jump in and take a look at the trends let me just start by saying that if you’re like me you can’t afford what the models are wearing but you can still find swimwear that’s top notch in major department stores and specialty swimwear shops.

Ok now let’s take a look at 7 trends I found for this year.

Be bold and colorful

If you’re looking for something that screams “look at me I’m strutting my stuff cause I’m full of confidence” stick with bright colors. Look for bright colors like yellows, blues, oranges and bright pinks!


You’ve probably heard that patterns draw attention to you too. And they do but at the same time they draw attention they place emphasis everywhere and nowhere at the same time, if that makes sense. If you’re on the thinner side take a walk on the wild side and give this a try – cutout suits. These suits have large geometric openings in the fabric meaning there can be a diamond cutout on your chest, a circular cutout down the side, etc.


I can see you rolling your eyes already. And to be honest I did to. Ruffles seem so ‘childish’ but truth be told ruffles can actually be flattering! If you’re bigger on the bottom (hip area) look for something that has ruffles on the bottom. This well give your hips a little curvy fun but at the same time provides some concealing tricks too. If you’re smaller busted ruffles can actually ‘enhance’ your bust!

Plunging neckline

There’s not much to mention here other than if you’re looking for a way to show off a great bust and cleavage go this route.

Earth tones

If you’re going for a more minimalist type look check out swimwear in tones that match your skin tone. You may think earth tones are boring but because these are so subtle don’t be surprised to find other accents added to this type of swimwear such as side ties, ruffles, pleats, etc. These added accents help give the subtle swimwear some added style and flare.

50’s retro look

At first when I saw this was making a comeback I wasn’t too sure how I felt. I mean let’s face it the 50’s were a loooong time ago and the Google images I saw after doing a Google search weren’t all that appealing (here take a look for yourself  http://www.fashion-era.com/1950s/1950s_7_swimsuits.htm). But after doing some more research this actually isn’t a bad thing. There are some really cute suits out there that are based on the 50’s retro look. You can find anything from full boy-cut bottoms and built up bra tops in polka dots and gingham to thin straps and full coverage.

One shoulder

Looking for something a little more ‘glamorous’? Check out the one shoulder strap swimsuits. It’s pretty common to see one shoulder evening gowns so it only seems natural to carry that over into the swimwear department as well.

If you haven’t decided what you want to wear this season keep in mind these 7 swimsuit trends as you head out to shop. And why not pick up two suits? One for lounging around in and one for frolicking in.


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