Almost a Month Later…

They always say you don’t realize how much you take something for granted until it’s gone…in this instance it’s not something I ‘lost’ (well technically I guess you could say I did lose something – my mobility) but something that put me out of commission for almost a full month…my back.

When you have back problems you know how awful and inconvenient it is.  You never know when you’re going to have a flare up. I was shocked that my back went out on Labor Day when I was bent over reaching for the dust pan and I twisted just the littlest to the right. I’ll never forget that moment and the pop noise I heard, horrendous pain sending me instantly to my knees where I proceeded to crawl to the bedroom. EEEK! It makes me cringe just typing and thinking about it.

Over the last several weeks I’ve been thinking about how much I take for granted. Like my back. I hadn’t had a flare up in quite awhile so it really threw me for a loop when it happened. ThankfullyI work from home so I didn’t have to call in and miss work but it wasn’t easy trying to work from my laptop in bed either like I tried that first full week.

Thankfully I am not almost 100% pain-free (praise God!). I can stand up straight again and walk normal again 🙂

Anyways…this just reminded me that life is too short to be taking things for granted including my health, family time, time with my friends, etc.

What have you been taking for granted?




5 Responses to Almost a Month Later…

  1. teresa says:

    So sorry about your back!! I’ve thought about you and wondered how you were doing. I’m so glad to hear you’re pain-free now.
    I’ve only had a very little experience with that kind of back situation… I find it to be really scary when any part of my body doesn’t work. Makes me feel so fragile.
    I hope you write more and fill us in.

    • admin says:

      Hi Teresa! Thanks for commenting. I miss you and all my fellow blog followers! I’m ready to get back in the game, read some blogs & see what I’ve been missing! It’s weird how ‘lost’ I’ve felt without connecting with everyone this last month.

      Glad to hear you haven’t had a lot of experience with back problems – I wouldn’t wish them on my worst enemy! And you’re right – it does make you feel fragile!

  2. Erin says:

    I’ve been wondering how you’re doing. Hopefully you’re healing up okay and back in the saddle soon. :0)

    • admin says:

      Hey Erin! I’m hanging in there 🙂 Ready to get things back to normal again! Hoping I don’t ever go through this long of a back issue ever again.

  3. Alexandra says:

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