Couch to 5k Day One

I had absolutely no intention of starting the Couch to 5k program today. In fact I was laying in bed feeling overly exhausted, horrible headache and stuffed up nose. When just out of the blue I had a little conversation with myself (yes, I do talk to myself! Sometimes. lol) :

ok sister suck it up, put your big girl panties on and get outside for a quick walk. The exercise & sunshine will make you feel better.

The fact that I actually hopped out of bed and changed into workout clothes is a miracle in-itself. The fact that out of the blue I opened the Couch to 5k app on my iPhone is another miracle.

I’d like to say that day one went great…

Unfortunately it was far from great.

It was a bit on the pathetic side to be honest. I didn’t even make it through one 60 second jogging interval. In fact the 2 different intervals I tried I only managed to run a total of 30 seconds! I’d like to say I just kept walking but I didn’t even do that. I came back home. I had an awful side pain, my legs hurt (not my shins like usual but my calves) and I had to sit outside on my steps for about 10-15 minutes so I could catch my breath and get my breathing back to something on the normal side!

I’m going to be stuck on day one foooooooorever! I can’t even begin to imagine how I’ll ever get to the point where I can pass day one! Day one requires 20 minutes of alternating between 60 seconds of jogging and 90 seconds of walking…that’s a LOT.

And instead of just being proud that I got off my fat butt, got out there and moved I’m totally down on myself, focusing on the ‘pathetic’ part of things – that I did so little, that I didn’t just keep walking…blah blah blah.

There has to come a point where I stop focusing on negative things and start being proud of myself for my accomplishments…no matter how small they are! So, today I’m going to start working on that and from here on out I’m not going to cut myself down and be down on myself. So here goes…

Woo hoo! Yeah me. I ran for 30 seconds. Woo hoo! I got outside and moved.

Yeah…there’s definitely going to be a lot of ‘fake it till ya make it’ going on with this positivity thing! You have no idea how hard it was to type that tiny little sentence! lol

I’m wondering if I should get back out there tomorrow and try day one all over again or rest like they recommend? (the program calls for 3 days a week with a rest day in between).


6 Responses to Couch to 5k Day One

  1. Loretta says:

    The important thing is that you did it – you got you and you did it. It doesn’t need to be perfect every time because if it was easy everyone would do it 😉 So, you should be proud and you should yell WOOHOO an do the Snoopy dance!

  2. hi Tisha, the first is the hardest, you did it, every day will get easier, I’m proud of you for trying…Keep it up…Maria
    Maria my waist loss journey´s last blog post ..Motivational Monday

  3. Erin says:

    I couldn’t do day one when I started, either. I just kept doing it until I COULD, then moved onto the next day. You’ll get there!

  4. 1) Running at all is huge, if its for 10 seconds or 20 minutes.
    2) You started it, and that means you are taking responsibility for your health.
    3) It gets easier.
    4) Are you part of a gym or have access to a treadmill? That makes it a lot easier. You can control how fast you’re going, you can monitor your heart rate, and its generally easier on your joints.
    5) Don’t give up. Start slower if you have to. Walk for 20 minutes and speed up your pace each day for a couple of weeks first.
    6) YOU CAN DO IT.
    Lily Fluffbottom´s last blog post ..Friend Makin Monday

  5. admin says:

    Thank you for all the encouragement and kind words everyone! I’ve been thinking a lot about how I need to stop beating myself up over things that I should be proud about – like getting out there and starting it today!

    • Aida says:

      Hey ya

      How is your c25k regime going? I just started mine and frankly, I managed the 5minutes warm up, the 60sec run and then basically got really cold and despondent and walked home. Am back on the wagon tomorrow and see if I can shake the mental hurdle.