I Feel So Hopeless When It Comes To Food

Why can’t things just be easy when it comes to food? Why do I have to be a compulsive eater? Why do I have to be addicted to food? Why can’t I get things under control?

I thought Weight Watchers would help me get a grip. To a certain extent it has. I’m tracking my points which makes me aware of what’s going in my mouth. I’m eating more fruits and vegetables. I’m drinking more water. Those are all things to be proud about.

But I’m still having serious issues with compulsive eating and binging. The last couple days I’ve been saving all my points up to sit and use all those points in one big binge fest.

Today…I’m seriously going INSANE. I can’t stop eating. Earlier I thought I was going mental – I was pacing back and forth, biting on my nails because I couldn’t stop thinking about food and I wanted to consume everything in sight.

I just don’t understand why I can’t get a grip on this. It’s so frustrating. I feel like a FREAK!


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  1. Mary says:

    First, stop. Take a deep breath. Count to ten. Take another deep breath. Think about your son, how much you love him, how much he means to you.

    Second, have a tall glass of water. Sit down in front of a pad of paper and write down all the reasons you want to loose weight, large reasons, small reasons, whatever.

    Third, think forward and forget the past 24 hrs, they won’t help you. Write down, from small to large, your weight loss and life goals.

    Fourth, make a smaller list for today of your small goals like getting through the next hour without eating. Drink another tall glass of water.

    And finally, forgive yourself, move on. Don’t think about what you’ve done, think about what you’ll do. This minute is new minute of the rest of your life. We get lots of do-overs in life. Use them until they work.

    Love and light. Mary.
    Mary´s last blog post ..Daily Tally 171 – Weight Loss- Personal Detonations- Embarrassment and Discomfort

  2. Michelle says:

    You are not alone! Tomorrow is my first official weigh in. I’m terrified that overdoing it due to a hunger-binge the other day is going to sabotage everything I did right the rest of the week. I do agree w/Mary-you have to forgive yourself and move forward. Don’t beat yourself up over a slip-up. Immediately get back on track and keep doing the program. A good friend gave me advice my first day on WW. She said if I kinda stick with it, it will kinda work. If I commit and actually do WW, it WILL work. You can do this!
    Michelle´s last blog post ..Moving- Transitioning into a smaller space

  3. teresa says:

    Do you think that even just the excitement about your trip is enough to throw you into this state?
    I know that I have the same psysiological response to happiness and excitement as I do to sadness, fear, depression… I want to eat.
    I think it’s the only thing that helps me feel even keeled. It’s probably just numbing me, but for me, there’s an anxiousness that comes with any intense feeling, even the good ones and I must have some desire to try to neutralize it. Probably a control thing.
    that’s why I always want to just stay in a controlled environment when I’m trying to really diet. Of course that’s not practical, especially with a child. So….
    Obviously, I need to be able to do it no matter what.
    I’m hoping that if I can break it down in this way, I might be able to make different choices.
    Does any of this resonate with you?
    teresa´s last blog post ..Must make progress!

  4. I have felt this feeling approximately 8 million times. It is SO HARD to overcome, and still at times I will go long stretches where I will keep it at bay and then it will overcome me and I’ll binge. It feels like a physical need, this addiction does.

    That part I have come to terms with, and I know I will struggle with this my whole life long. I’ve accepted those as constants.

    But I’m fighting it. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. The guilt and shame I still feel when I binge is sometimes overwhelming. But somehow I pick myself up – usually with the support of awesome people like you!

    Goodbye, Fat Girl!
    Colleen @ Goodbye, Fat Girl´s last blog post ..30 Days of Pictures – Day 30 Someone I Miss

  5. Jeannette says:

    You are not a freak. You are addicted. So am I. An addiction is real; it is hard; we need support. We can get through this!
    Jeannette´s last blog post ..Motivation Monday- March 7

  6. Skinny Doll says:

    write a list.. of things you need to get done… and promise yourself a treat (within your diet) once you have everything done.. if you have time to pace .. you have time to .. write a letter to an old friend.. organise your photos… paint that shelf in the kitchen… plan a birthday.. google a recipe.. paint your nails… divert your attention.. with the promise of something realistic and it might help.. I’m like you.. I can stand in the crips aisle in Tesco for at least 30 minutes debating which multipack to buy to eat in the car on the way home… but slowly its changing.. a new nail varnish.. a magazine.. I tell myself “next time I’ll get the crisps” that way they’re not forbidden.. *hugs*
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  7. Mary says:

    How are you? You doing ok? We’re worried about you hon.
    Mary´s last blog post ..Daily Tally 171 – Weight Loss- Personal Detonations- Embarrassment and Discomfort

    • admin says:

      Hi everyone. Thank you all for the encouragement, pick me ups and kind words. I appreciate it!

      I’d like to say today is better but I’m still really struggling. And I’m down in the dumps cause I weighed myself and it sucked. Whatever is going on I just need to get out of this ‘funk’!