Just Dance 2 Makes Me Sweat!

Worked Up Quite The Sweat! (my eye looks fake! LOL)

I am the least uncoordinated person you’ll ever know. Seriously. I can trip just walking on flat surfaces! And I can’t carry a beat so when it comes to dancing I really suck at it.

But I love it!

(Side note – as uncoordinated as I am I wonder how I ever survived being a cheerleader! LOL)

So, my love of dancing makes Just Dance 2
a great thing for me! I was first introduced to it over the Holidays. I was in a really bad place back then (physical health wise) and I thought for sure that a quarter of the way through a song I was having a heart attack. It was really bad!

My son and I decided to rent it last weekend just for the heck of it. Well, actually I’m trying to get him up and moving around more too! I could only do 2 songs last weekend. After that I was wiped out.

This weekend my son is at his dad’s house, I have no plans (other than catching up on some Virtual Assistant work) and decided at 8pm that instead of going to be I would run into town (20 minutes one way!) and rent it again. Thankfully the video store had it in when I got there.

This weekend (Friday night at the time of writing this) while it might not seem like much I made it through 4 songs and about 20 minutes! I worked up a major sweat! Here’s the songs I did:

  • Kesha – “TiK ToK”
  • MIKA – “Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)”
  • The Weather Girls – “It’s Raining Men”

I so could not resist checking out the Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) song. I loved it so much I did attempted the dance twice! And of course I couldn’t resist It’s Raining Men πŸ˜‰

Have you played Just Dance 2?


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