Nothing Like a Hurt Back to Stop Ya in Your Tracks


That pretty much sums of what I’m feeling right now. I’ve had back issues for several years now. In the past the flare ups I’ve had haven’t lasted long or ‘stopped me in my tracks’. That’s why this one seems so weird to me. It happened this past weekend. I worked on a huge project and was at desk for an insane amount of time over the course 3 days. I felt it getting tight but it wasn’t hurting.

Then I went to a friend’s wedding reception Saturday night and danced. Oh my gosh did I dance! The group of friends I was with were dancing machines & I wasn’t going to be outdone 😉 One time we danced an hour straight without sitting down. I’m guess over the course of the night I got in about 2.5-3 hours of dancing! I was literally dripping with sweat (to my credit it was uber humid & everyone was just as sweaty! lol) and probably could have wrung my hair out it was so sweaty. Yea, pretty gross! Good thing I was there to just have fun and not worry about what others thought. Of course by that late in the evening there were tons of drunks around so they probably didn’t even notice how sweaty I was!

Anyways I noticed Sunday morning my back was feeling kind of tight again and had a little pain in it. But nothing a couple Tylenol didn’t help. Then Monday night (last night) I was sweeping my kitchen floor and I twisted just the littlest bit to the right to pick up the dust pain and I was brought crashing to my knees with horrible pain shooting through my back and down into my right buttock. I crawled my way to the bedroom, got in bed & pretty much haven’t moved since then (10:30pm).  It hurts to sit, stand, lay, walk – you name it, it hurts to do. I sneezed and thought I would pass out the pain was so bad. A couple times it’s even hurt to simply take a breath.

I’m trying to suck it up and not go see a doctor. After just moving last month my cash flow is very limited right now and the last thing I can ‘splurge’ (yea that’s sarcasm there!) for is a doctor visit (or trip to the chiropractor). So, I’m praying for God’s healing (and quickly!) because this pain is awful 🙁



3 Responses to Nothing Like a Hurt Back to Stop Ya in Your Tracks

  1. Erin says:

    Oh, I know EXACTLY what you are talking about. Ouch is right! Try some moist heat (aka a hot shower) and rest. Ibuprofen and muscle rubs. Take care of yourself!

  2. Jodie says:

    So sorry you hurt yourself!! OUCH! Please rest so you can heal quickly. Often times for those pain it is time and drugs that help…. Feel better soon!

  3. teresa says:

    Were you wearing high heels by any chance?
    Advil or motrin will help with relaxing muscles and inflammation, but you need to take whichever one every four hours for a day or two. A chiropractor hipped me to that.
    And Castor oil!! Rub it on your back and wrap yourself in saran wrap, then go to sleep. It can be a miracle.
    Epsom salt bath if you can get in and out of tub.
    I’m so sorry!!!
    Gentle, gentle with yourself.