Quick Update

Just wanted to pop in real quick and post an update. Since 11/3/11 I have now lost 26 lbs. I swear it’s like getting a brand new wardrobe too (cause ya know I had a closet full of stuff my fat butt couldn’t fit into!) I just bought a brand new pair of pants back at the beginning of November and I put them on Friday and they slid right off my hips…those babies are going to Goodwill & I’m proud to donate them even if they only got worn 3 times!

I’m doing great with drinking water. My grandma told me to be careful because she thinks I could be drinking too much (every day for the last 5 days I have drank 101.4 ounces of water – if you don’t know that’s 3 liters!). And other than that I’m not dieting – just filling up on fruits & veggies and eating a ‘main’ meal whenever I’m hungry.

I was actually concerned that I wasn’t getting enough food because when I think about what I eat now (compared to before) I eat like a bird. I eat one meal a day and the rest of the day I’m munching on fruits & veggies like I mentioned above. Plus I’m drinking all that water so I guess there’s just no room in my tummy for lots of food. And when I do eat a regular meal I notice that it’s hard to eat it all. This is new territory for me – I’ve never had a problem eating all the food in front of me before!

So, all that rambling to say that maybe living a healthy lifestyle really is as simple as listening to my body!

Hope you’re doing great!

Until next time…


2 Responses to Quick Update

  1. Sarah says:

    Congrats on your progress! I don’t know HOW you are drinking all of that water, though. I have such a hard time getting to 48oz and I KNOW I should drink more. I’m happy that you’re having so much success and wish you much more!