Sometimes It’s The Little Things

Enjoying a little break during my bike ride

Who is this person and what have you done with Tishia? I’m sitting here thinking back over the last couple days and I’m just like ‘wow, where has this chic been hiding herself?’ Obviously I’m referring to myself lol.

The past few days I’ve changed – in a good great way! It all started with a decision. A decision to stop letting fear and excuses control me. And then a decision to simply say YES. Yes to me. Yes to life. Yes to stepping out of my comfort zone.

How did all this come about?

By a simple invitation to play a sport that I once was a lover of – softball. As soon as I realized my initial reaction was based on fear and excuses I knew it was time to draw a line in the sand, put my foot down and as a friend has so often told me “put my big girl panties on, suck it up and just do it” Plus, with such a huge life change coming my way it’s time to start focusing on me and doing things I enjoy.

So, I did it. I went & played ball and loved every minute of it. On Saturday, my body was so sore but I was still grinning. I felt amazing on the inside and knew I didn’t want that feeling to go away. I made a decision to get out and go for a walk – only 15 minutes but I pushed past the excuse of ‘I’m too sore’ and did it.

And then today…

I’ve been wanting a mountain bike it just wasn’t in the budget so when I was dropping my son off at his dad & step mom’s house the other day when they were preparing for a garage sale I saw a women’s bike with a sale tag on it. It was like new, hardly ever rode, in excellent condition and they only wanted $30.00. It only took me about 30 seconds to snag it up! So, my mom and headed back to their house today to pick it up in my mom’s truck. When I got it home I couldn’t wait to get it in my car (that proved to be a lot more challenging than I thought it would be! lol) and head to a new recreation area and test it out.

But suddenly the fears started in – what if I’m too heavy to ride it & the tires can’t take my weight, what if people laugh because I can’t get it out of my car (or back in there), what if people laugh at the fat girl riding the bike, what if I don’t remember how to ride one,…blah blah blah. And of course the excuses started to come too – I’m too sore from softball & the walk, I’m tired, I deserve a day to veg and do nothing…blah blah blah.

But then I reminded myself no more excuses allowed. No more allowing fear to control decisions I make. Focus on me and doing fun things. So, I changed into workout clothes, grabbed my water bottle, iPhone (has an iPod built in), headphones and off I went. There’s this new recreation area and it goes all through the woods, there’s a river…it’s just awesome. I had a few minor things happen – it took a couple tries when I first got on my bike to get going! LOL I giggled at myself. The tires get pretty low when I get on. I’m not sure if it’s just because I’m fat or if they need more air in them. My step dad checked and he said the tires didn’t need more air but I’m thinking because I weigh so much that they might need more. I don’t know. And of course my rump hurt once I was finished – is there such a thing as a comfortable bike seat???? And one major thing – once when I stopped for a break a gardener snake slithered about 2 feet from my foot – I was too freaked out to scream or move. I stood there with my knees knocking (ok so maybe I wasn’t that scared…ok so maybe I was! lol) holding my breath praying the thing would slither the other way and not come any closer to me. Thankfully God answered my prayer and sent the nasty thing the other way. Then I hopped back on my bike and pedaled as fast as I could for about 15 minutes! It’s funny now that I think about it but EEEEEEWWWW snakes! Yikes!

Guess how far I rode? I was having so much fun I went around the area twice! I even talked to several people. Me – random strangers, talking…awesomesauce! That’s just not how I usually am! I was hoping they would have a map of the area or something that would tell the distance around. But they didn’t so I asked a lady  that I was chatting with who said she goes there often if she had any idea. She asked me what trails I took, etc so I told her and she said I rode at least one mile. It didn’t feel like but yet it did – if that makes any sense. But when I looked it up online the website said it’s 1.5 miles so I’m not entirely sure what the real distance was that I rode. And actually I don’t even care. This was more about getting out of my comfort zone again and not letting fears and excuses control me. But, I think I have now found my new favorite exercise! Seriously loved it! And if the tires didn’t go almost flat when I got on and make it difficult to ride, I think I would love it even more!!!

Here are a couple pics:

It was pretty interesting making the bike fit in my car – had to pull the seat down in the back so that one tire could go into the backseat (from the trunk) to make it work:

Wasn't so easy to fit in my car ... 🙁

This trail took me up above the river...pretty cool!

It's so peaceful here ...

Sometimes it’s just these little things (for me playing softball, buying a bike & riding 1 mile) that make such a big impact on ourselves.

So, what is one little thing you did that made a huge impact on you?


2 Responses to Sometimes It’s The Little Things

  1. teresa says:

    You’re brilliant and amazing. That is also a beautiful place you get to ride in!
    I can feel the shifted energy in your life. You’ve hit on the right thing for sure.
    You be you!!!
    I’m doing my version of the same thing. I even got actual pretty clothes to be participating in summer for once.
    Keep having fun!
    teresa´s last blog post ..Changing Focus

    • Tishia - Author says:

      Teresa – It is gorgeous up there. Sooooo peaceful. There’s just something about that sound of water (the river/rapids) that soothes me.

      Congrats to you for getting some cute summer clothes 🙂