Starting Weigh In

I got a little depressed weighing in. I’m kind of anti-scale right now because I have this love/hate relationship with the stupid thing. I become super obsessive about weighing in daily and sometimes I weigh in several times a day. So, for me it’s best to keep the thing shoved in the back of a closet where I don’t see it. You know – out of sight out of mind 😉

But, I had to have a starting point so I had to pull it out and get on it. It was discouraging to think that back when I had lost all the weight I had lost (56 lbs)  I was down to the 270’s! So to be back in the 300’s was definitely not pleasing. But on the other hand I’m still down from when I officially joined Weight Watchers again on 2/28/11 and weighed in at 316.4.  I chose to not focus on the negative (that the 300’s were staring me back in the face) and remind myself that beating myself up over the fact I gained all my weight back wasn’t going to do me any good. It is what it is and all I can do is look forward and focus on the fact that I’m taking control of my life again and choosing to jump back on the getting healthy bandwagon.

Starting Weight:

Starting Weigh In 4/13/11

Starting Weight: 316.4 lbs (2/28/11)
Last Week’s Weigh In: N/A
This Week’s Weigh In: 300.6 lbs (starting over again 4/13/11)
Total Loss This Week: N/A


9 Responses to Starting Weigh In

  1. Rae Rae J says:

    We’ll both do it! 🙂
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  2. Jodie says:

    Always remember, that little bit of weight could be water retention (not fat) which sometimes takes a few days to flush out. Don’t beat yourself up about it!! 🙂
    Jodie´s last blog post ..Water- Water Everywhere!

  3. teresa says:

    Absolutely focus on the pounds lost! You’re still ahead and now moving forward with purpose.
    You can do it!!
    teresa´s last blog post ..My New Life as a Porsche!

  4. that’s my girl…holding your hand, side by side, we are going to do this…remember, WE control the fork!!!

    ps, I am very proud of you…
    Maria my waist loss journey´s last blog post ..A Dilemma