Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

I Stepped Out of My Comfort Zone!

When it comes to my comfort zone I’m a little…well too comfortable! I like the little ‘box’ that I live in that I’ve grown overly comfortable with. I have a certain small group of friends I hang out with, I do the same thing over and over every day – morning routine with my son, night time routine with my son, run my Virtual Assistant business, etc.

There’s things I would like to do but I’m always so scared of stepping out of my comfort zone that instead I let opportunity after opportunity pass me by. At 36, I often wonder where life has went! I made a pact with myself that it was time to stop being scared, stop making excuses and just start living! Life is so short there’s no more time for me to sit around and waste!

After stepping out of my ‘box’ last night (more on that in a bit) I started to think that a person’s comfort zone is meant to be stretched. I realized that in order for me to grow as a person and live life fully I have to be willing to step out of that little ‘box’ I’ve been living in for so long and start doing things that make me ‘uncomfortable’ (within reason of course!).

It feels good to step out of your comfort zone

A few days ago my sister called & asked if I wanted to play softball with her, her husband and the team they played on. My first reaction and initial response was “No!” Now, let me say that I used to be an avoid player! Played in high school and was pretty good at it too (I made all conference my senior year). Played a few times after high school too but it’s been about 5 years since I’ve done it. I always said I was going to find a summer league to play on but then it was always one excuse after the other as to why I didn’t do it – too hard to play when my son was littler & needed to be watched constantly, didn’t want on a team I didn’t know anyone, too fat to play, too out of shape to play…yada yada yada.

I had this little talk with myself (yes I do that once in awhile! lol) about how I promised to stop letting opportunities and life pass me by. I told myself it wouldn’t kill me to have to meet new people that made up the team they played on. I told myself that it wasn’t fair to me to pass up an opportunity to do something that I once enjoyed so much. I used to love softball so much that I would play every single day if I could!

So, I told my sister yes!

  • I went
  • I played (and I was even shocked to see that I still ‘have it’ after all these years!)
  • I had a ton of fun
  • I enjoyed the new people I met minus one girl who wasn’t friendly at all.
  • I ran bases
  • I ran after the ball
  • I talked
  • I laughed – a lot
  • I smiled
  • I had a couple awesome hits – there’s just something so ‘fun’ about whacking that ball as hard I can!
  • I survived 1 hour and 10 minutes in the heat
  • I missed a pop fly ball but didn’t beat myself up over it
  • I was sore & out of breath but didn’t let that stop me
  • I pushed myself

And I even enjoyed a couple beers after the game with the team and didn’t feel guilty about it. There’s just something about a nice cold draft beer after playing softball in 80 degree weather!

The point of all this?

I did all those things that I originally told myself I couldn’t!

It was uncomfortable to step out of my comfort zone…at first. That uncomfortableness didn’t last long at all. It was so so worth it! And the team even asked me to come back and play every Friday night! (I can play about 3 more Friday’s and then I’ll be heading downstate to stay with a friend so I won’t be around to play after that)

So, what are you going to do this week to step out of your comfort zone?


5 Responses to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

  1. Amy Benitez says:

    That’s so cool that you went and did that! I’m a new reader and I’m totally the same way. I used say no to all sorts of invitations (baseball games/vacations/amusement parks because seats felt so tiny, recreational sports because I didn’t want to be the token fat girl, even anything that involved walking because I couldn’t keep up). After I started losing weight, I still felt (and feel) anxiety over those things and it’s hard to start saying YES! when my knee-jerk reaction is NO even though I’m in way better shape now! Kudos to you for saying yes! It sounds like you had a blast. 🙂

    • admin says:

      Hi Amy. Nice to have you here 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to comment! Yes, I’m so glad I went and did it. I had so much fun and can’t wait to play again this week!

  2. Dorrie says:

    It’s so inspiring to hear stories like this. I too am overweight and often find it hard to go out and see people at all – I feel like they’re all staring and judging me – good for you for going out and having a good time.
    Dorrie´s last blog post ..How To Cook Chicken Breasts So They Stay Juicy And Tender

    • admin says:

      Thanks for commenting Dorrie. I’m so glad I went. I forgot how much I loved playing softball and I had so much fun with everyone! I really needed the social interaction.

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