Virgin No More

No, not that kind of a virgin. Jeez peeps get your minds out of the gutter 😉

I’m referring to no longer being a Zumba virgin anymore. I’ve been wanting to try it for awhile now but that stupid comfort zone thing and excuse after excuse has prevented me form doing it…until now.

I’m still up in the air as to what I thought of the class. I do know it kicked my butt! I was so sweaty I probably could have wrung the sweat out of my shirt!

I guess I was just expecting to walk away with a grin on my face and feel like ‘oh my gosh that was the funnest thing ever, I can’t wait to go back again’. At least that’s what I had made up in my head because I’ve always heard everyone talking about how much fun it is and how they just love it.

Here’s the things I did like:

  • Music – oh my gosh how can you not like the upbeat, fast paced, fun, hip hoppish type music you dance to?
  • Butt shaking – Yeah yeah I know that seems silly. But I have to admit that at my weight I don’t ever feel sexy and there’s just something about shaking your butt that makes you feel sexy. (Uhm hopefully that doesn’t feel weird that I said I felt sexy doing that in a room full of women!?!)
  • Hip shaking – This goes along with the butt shaking.
  • Small Class – There were only 6 of us beside the instructor

I giggled most of the time when we were doing all the hip/butt shaking moves but man it just felt good.  I don’t want to think about what it must have looked like…eeek! Just the thought of me shaking my booty and hips makes me cringe! lol) But who cares…it made me feel sexy so I guess that has to count for something right?

Here’s the things I didn’t like:

  • Instructor – She was ok. She did what she was there to do. I guess I was just expecting an instructor that was way more into it than she was.
  • The Room – It had to of been at least 100 degrees in there! It was fairly small, stuffy, no air flow, etc.
  • I was the fattest – Of course this has nothing to do with the instructor, the class or anything but I felt a little uncomfortable being the biggest one there. Before class started I stood around wondering what everyone was thinking about the fat girl being there and you know in reality they probably weren’t thinking anything – I just had it in my head that they were thinking something negative about me.

So, now that I’ve lost my Zumba virginity I bet your wondering was it worth it?

Yeah. All in all I had fun, felt sexy, laughed, and enjoyed myself. Oh and how can I forget to mention how much I sweated? It was GROSS but gross in a good way 🙂 The pic above was the front of my shirt so here’s the back (cause I know you won’t be able to sleep until you see this 😉 lol)

So, I’ll probably do it again but maybe check out a different instructor!

Do you Zumba? What are your thoughts about it?


7 Responses to Virgin No More

  1. teresa says:

    I love the pictures!!!!
    You make me want to try it. I’ve been hearing about it for 2 years now and have no real idea what it is.
    We’ll see, maybe I’ll be next.
    You did great!!
    teresa´s last blog post ..Changing Focus

  2. YAY!!!! Proud of you 🙂 I LURRRRRV Zumba! And i love to shake my money makers 🙂 haha.
    Brittany @ LessBritt MoreLife´s last blog post ..oh how i love the 512

  3. Good for you for stepping out of your comfort zone AGAIN! You are rocking the challenge.

    I took Zumba once but it wasn’t for me. I’m more into kickboxing and spin classes. Instructors really make or break the classes so I bet if you find one you connect with it will be a much better experience.
    Angie (Losing It and Loving It)´s last blog post ..Better Healthy Living Challenge Check In 1

  4. Munchberry says:

    I have always wanted to try Zumba. They have a class down the hill from my house. I am pretty sure I would be the fattest in my class too. I do this dance pretty much every day where I shake my bootie and do all sorts of crazy moves. But the day before yesterday I did it in front of a full length mirror. Until I drop down a few dozen pounds, I am not sure I can dance in front of others. Even thin I look like Elaine on Seinfeld when I dance.

    BUT (Har)

    I do want to sweat like you did and THAT I am completely envious of. If you can have fun (find a new instructor) and can sweat those pounds off – how great is that?


  5. Tishia - Author says:

    Thanks everyone! I’m still not sure when I’m going to give Zumba another try. Right now I’m trying to recuperate from a softball injury to my leg this weekend so it definitely won’t be anytime soon!

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