Weigh In #1: Plus Size Bloggers Tracking Challenge: Bye Bye Booties!

Today is the first weigh in of the Plus Size Bloggers Bye Bye Booties 12 week challenge. I was happy with what the scale showed this morning. I worked my booty – pun intended 😉 off last week! Seriously, I’m not sure I’ve ever done that much exercise in a week before! Here’s the workouts/exercise I put in last week:

  • Sunday 6/5 – rode 1 mile (biking)
  • Monday 6/6 – rode 2.04 miles (biking)
  • Tuesday 6/7 – rode 2.64 miles (biking) + swam for 40 minutes
  • Wednesday 6/8 – 60 minutes of Zumba
  • Thursday 6/9 – Rest day
  • Friday 6/10 – 1 hour 10 minutes of softball (hurt my leg; actually it started bugging me doing Zumba Thursday but it got worse during softball)
  • Saturday 6/11 – Rest day
  • Sunday 6/12 – rode 4.66 miles (biking) + 2 hours of softball! (by now my leg was really bugging me & I was told to stay off it & ice it by a friend’s husband who works in the Emergency Room at one of our local hospitals)

That was a lot of activity for me! But for once I wasn’t doing it focusing on losing weight because of it. I was doing it because I was having fun and enjoying doing it and knowing that if I stepped on the scale this morning and saw a loss that that was a benefit of doing all the activity.

So, here’s my first weigh in for the challenge:

Starting Weight: 297.8 lbs
Last Week’s Weigh In: 297.8 lbs
This Week’s Weigh In: 291.2 lbs
Total Loss This Week: 6.6 lbs

How did your week go?


8 Responses to Weigh In #1: Plus Size Bloggers Tracking Challenge: Bye Bye Booties!

  1. Jodie says:

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  2. teresa says:

    Fan-tastic!!!! That’s the way it should work.
    You know, I’m not complaining, but I want to encourage you to keep it up now because I can totally feel the difference being 46. I don’t have as much freedom to push myself physically. I’m strong, but the weight is so much heavier somehow. I took it for granted in my 30’s.
    I can still get there, but it’s not a given that I can just get up and go for it day after day without lots more maintenance.
    You have TOTALLY inspired me in so many ways. I’ve always needed to let go of my comfort zone too. I’ve loved watching you expand your horizons.
    Congratulations on the great losses.
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    • admin says:

      Thank you Teresa. I’ve seen the way weight has effected someone close to me that’s older (my mom). She’s recently started WW and I’m so proud of her for this. But I see small things and I tell myself I don’t want to deal with that at her age. While I’m only 36 there are certainly things that my weight has made harder to do also. I just keep reminding myself that I don’t want to keep getting worse…I want to take my life back and made it better. For myself and for my son! So, I’m hoping I can keep these thoughts in my head and keep pushing forward!

  3. Munchberry says:

    Holy motherload of exercise and weightloss! I so wish I could lose 6 pounds. Or even 3. or 2 and keep it off in a week. Oh boo listen to me the complainer whe I should be dishing you out a big scoop of… HIGH FIVE. It tastes just like chocolate, but it does not have any calories or stick to your rump!

    Good idea getting out for fresh air and exercise this week. What would girls like us do regularly when stressed or sad or feeling down or…? Probably not exercise right? But you are changing yourself for the long run. Making new habits for the new body you inhabit.

    Big hugs for big changes.

    • admin says:

      lol Munchberry. Loved your holy motherload expression. Yes, it was a lot of exercise but I wasn’t doing it with losing weight in mind & that’s what I loved. For once I was focusing on how much I enjoyed it instead of thinking “oh you’ve got to do this so you have a good loss.” It’s so different when you don’t focus on weigh loss.

      And I’ve noticed that when I’m out in the fresh air enjoying myself it helps clear my head and not focus on how much I’m missing my son. Exercise is definitely an awesome stress reducer 🙂

  4. Toya says:

    Well aren’t you awesome! Way to go!