Weigh In Day At The Gym

I met with one of the trainers at the gym today. I really wish I could afford to work with her on the side (when she’s not at the gym so we could have one on one time without interruption). I just love her! She’s so knowledgeable and always helping me with things. This time around it’s not my shins I’m having problems with but my calves – they’ve been really sore the last couple days and super tight and knotty. She did some stretches with me, even rubbed my calves and had me just do the bike today so I could rest my calves.

Anyways back to the weigh in thing! She did an “official” weigh in of me back on 4/21 when I re-joined the gym. I had lost a little weight by the time I rejoined the gym so I’m going off my original starting weight from the end of February when I started Weight Watchers (although I didn’t really stick with it for long…I officially restarted WW the end of March I think).

So here’s an official weigh in update:

Starting Weight: 316.4 lbs (2/28/11)
Last Weigh In: 296 lbs (4/21/11)
This Week’s Weigh In: 287 lbs (5/6/11)
Total Loss: 9 lbs

How are you doing on your journey?


4 Responses to Weigh In Day At The Gym

  1. teresa says:

    You’re back in it!!! On a roll again. Congratulations.
    I wish you could have more time with your trainer too. She sounds great.
    I’m digging deep to turn my engine back on. Wish me luck!
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  2. Cheryl says:

    I just googled..”I’m fat-how to start running”..and I was brought to your site where I read about your deep desire to run. Your thoughts are so much like my own. I want to be healthy and look as I once did! Congrats on your weight loss! So proud of you and I admire you…it really is difficult for some of us! I lost 65 pounds 2 years ago and have gained half of it back. I actually pretty much starved myself…800 calories at the most daily! I have learned that doing that only causes one to look flabby! This has been my first week of walking…hell…once the house is out of site…I want to turn around and head back home…LOL! Can you say lazy?? I wish you the best with your goals and will be stopping back in to see how your doing. You go girl! Don’t give up!

    • Author (Tishia) says:

      Hi Cheryl. So glad you found me and took the time to comment 🙂 I’m not doing so good in the weight loss/keeping it off department. It seems like I’m always struggling (losing/gaining/losing/gaining even more/etc). It gets old after awhile but I’m stuck in this vicious cycle 🙁

      Wow, 800 calories a day? That’s insane! You’re body had to of felt like you were starving it.

      I wish you the best of luck on your goals too 🙂