Wonderful Weekend With The Kiddo

I had a great weekend with the kiddo! This is the first time he’s spend the weekend since the move last month. I was a bit bummed that my back was still bugging me because it prevented us from doing a whole lot. I was so impressed with how helpful my kiddo was! He vacuumed, swept, changed kitty liter – all without me asking him to, well I did have to ask him to do kitty litter.

Friday night it was really sweet – he cooked us steaks and made us sit down at the kitchen table to enjoy dinner together. Seriously, it made me want to cry he was so sweet about it. ‘Dinner’ wasn’t served until a little after 10pm but hey that’s ok, I wasn’t going to say anything considering he was so proud of making dinner for mom and us sitting down together to eat it 🙂

Things are going great for him – he absolutely loves being at his dads with his step mom and brother. He really likes school, has quite a few friends and football started recently too. It sounds like he’s busy busy busy with school, homework and football practice! He’s so happy…I’m trying to not let stupid thoughts enter my head about how I must be a really bad mom because he was never this happy when living with me, etc. We had a lot of issues when he lived with me – constantly fighting, etc. So, I’m trying to not beat myself up over anything but to see him this happy and to see him thriving like he is, it’s kind of hard to not get down on myself about things. But I suppose the past is the past and all I can do now is to make sure that our relationship turns into a better one than when he lived with me.

A quick update on my back – today is exactly one week since I hurt it and while it’s doing 100% better than it was last week, I’m still in quite a bit of pain. Still moving pretty slow and have to be careful doing the littlest things like getting up out of bed, a chair, etc. I’m so over this and just ready for it to be back to normal!

I hope you had a fantastic weekend 🙂

Until next time…


7 Responses to Wonderful Weekend With The Kiddo

  1. Erin says:

    Glad you had a good weekend with your son! Hope your back continues to heal.

  2. teresa says:

    Your boy is such a good kid. You have your own relationship together. Never compare. I know you know that.
    I hope your back continues to get better. That’s a tough one.

  3. sally says:

    Hi it’s nice to read you had a good weekend and that all is well with you and Kiddo. I know what it’s like to have a bad back just keep moving and it will get better if not I can recommend a course of accupunture it worked for me. Good luck

  4. munchberry says:


    That is such good news about your son. I remember reading your blog as he was leaving and then just left. Heart wrenching. It takes a very big hearted and loving person to set them self aside for the betterment of someone they love and recognizing that there could be rankled feelings, work hard not to let that be you.

    You often hear people say that they tried their hardest in a circumstance, but I think it is times like these – those really trying times where your character shows itself.

    I’d give you a hug but I do not want to throw your back back out.

  5. admin says:

    Thanks everyone. I’m learning to take every second with my kiddo as the most precious thing ever – it’s pretty far & few between the time we have together anymore so it’s so precious to me when we do get it!