Low Carb Check In: Week Three

Low carb is going great. I’m feeling wonderful – haven’t felt this good in such a long time! I started low carb on October 8th, so I’m in my third week. I have to confess that when I decided to do this 90 day challenge I wasn’t sure I could give up all the sugar/sweets. It wasn’t even the pasta and bread carbs that I was worried about giving up…it was the giving up the chips and dip, the bags of chocolate, the little Debbie snacks, the ice cream, the pie, the candy bars. I was such a junk food junkie – some days not even eating real food, just binging on a bag of chips & a whole container of French Onion Dip and a whole bag of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and a whole thing of Moose Tracks ice cream. My diet was so unhealthy!

So, this challenge was a great way for me to get out of the habit of living on junk and learning to eat real food again. I know there are so many people against the low carb way of life, but it’s what is working for me and I got the go ahead/okay from my doctor yesterday! The only thing she did recommend was to make sure that I was getting some of the leaner side of meats too, not just all the fatty stuff.

I’m even learning to get ‘adventurous’ in the kitchen…if you call cream cheese pancakes, rainbow salad, and a few low carb stables like eggs and cheese – adventurous 😉 There are so many awesome low carb recipes out there and I’m looking forward to expanding my cooking knowledge more! (And that is really stepping out of my comfort zone because I am so clueless in the kitchen!)

Until next time…



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