Low Carb Week One Weigh In

It’s been one week since I started eating low carb. For the most part I feel really good. The first few days I had pretty massive headaches which I’m sure were from junk food/sugar withdrawal. Once I got past the headaches I started feeling really good and noticed an increase in energy. And I love that all the swelling I had in my hands and ankles/feet has completely gone! It’s so weird to look at my ankles and actually see them! lol

I knew the scale would be nice to me today. It always is the first week I change my eating habits. I’ve been pretty obsessive about weighing every day…and that’s such a bad place for me to be in. I get discouraged with the fluctuations I see every day. But, without throwing out the scale I don’t know how to get around weighing every day. It’s like the scale taunts me every time I step into my bathroom! lol

Anyways, here is week #1 weigh in:

It’s hard to see the results I wrote on the image (unless you click on it, so the pic opens full-size). So I’ll put them here too:

Starting Weight: 317.8
Today’s Weight: 310.2
Results: -7.2 lbs 🙂

Looking forward to another week of low carb meals and seeing what the scale shows for week 2 weigh in!

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One Response to Low Carb Week One Weigh In

  1. Donna says:

    Congrats on the loss! There are so many great low carb “fake it” recipes on the web. If you cook, you can make almost anything that seems like it’s high carb when it isn’t! Let’s do this thing. I’ll keep rocking the WW. I have another 50 to go and yeah, we are worth it, daggumit.
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