I Need to Lose Weight – Doctors Orders!

It’s been so long since I’ve done anything healthy for myself. And it really has taken a toll on me. In fact I need to lose weight – doctor’s orders! I have such a hard time staying motivated once I get started on a healthy living journey. But I’m praying that things will be different this time around because of my health.

There are so many reasons I need to lose weight:

  • I recently was put on blood pressure medicine 
  • My heart races all the time
  • I can’t walk even a very short distance without sweating, heart racing, feeling lightheaded/dizzy and having a hard time catching my breath
  • My size 26 pants are tight
  • I can barely squeeze into a man’s 3x t-shirt anymore (only reason the 2 in my closet still fit are because they are old and worn out)
  • I have to make excuses if friends invite me to do anything because I can’t walk 🙁

The list goes on and on and on. And I’m now officially bigger than ever – by medical standards, morbidly obese (BMI – body mass index – is 57 which is very bad!). It’s sad that I’ve continued to not take care of myself, gorging on food over and over and over instead.

But things have gotten to the point where I’ve scared myself and my best friend just talked to me about how scared I have her because my health is so bad. We made the decision to join Weight Watchers online together and hold each other accountable. In the past, it’s worked. The one program I’ve always been able to reasonably follow was Weight Watchers so that’s what I felt was the best bet for me. And knowing that she’s doing it too, helps a bit too.

I haven’t done a video post in a really loooooong time and figured what the heck, might as well jump back in. So, here is a video check in revealing my starting weight. (The video quality isn’t the greatest and I get a little emotional too – embarrassing but it’s from the heart so I left it.)

Watch the video below:

“See” you again soon….


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