I’m Back….

The last time I wrote a post here was December 2013! Yeah, that was a long time ago…

I decided that I was going to stop blogging here because I was tired of always dieting, getting excited about it, doing great for awhile and sharing my successes with you…only to come back and have to share about how another diet didn’t work or how I had gained all the weight back (plus more!). It was easier to just stop writing.

But I couldn’t bear to let the domain name go so I made sure to renew it each year. And well…here I am.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the site. Meaning, I don’t know how often I’ll post but I know I want to start writing here again.

Where I’m At Health Wise Today

Well, I’m not very healthy right now. I’ve been dealing with high blood pressure for awhile – back in February it’s possible I could have had a minor heart attack (I mentioned it in this post here). ¬†The doctor was very concerned with how high it was and the symptoms I had had while out with some friends.

So I started blood pressure medicine again (was off it for awhile) in February and got really serious about my health and making changes. Then some of my circumstances changed – I moved and my 4 year old nephew was diagnosed with leukemia – in April and it’s like all hell broke loose and I lost complete control over myself. I just once again threw in the towel and ‘gave up’ on eating healthy and getting any exercise. It was easier to stuff my feelings with food. Food always makes me happy…at least in the moment.

Then several weeks ago I started having some health concerns – extreme exhaustion (not just the I didn’t sleep well last night so I’m tired kind of tired..but like couldn’t get out of bed and walking up/down the stairs in the house took every ounce of energy & I would have to sleep for 3-4 hours after doing it to get any energy back), hair falling out in clumps, migraines or headaches just about every day and heart palpitations.

After a bunch of blood work, I found out some things to add to my already high blood pressure:

  • really high cholesterol
  • low iron
  • anemic
  • vitamin deficiency¬†(D & B12)
  • something to do with my thyroid – # was slightly elevated
  • blood sugars elevated

It’s All About Baby Steps

I’m still trying to process everything going on with my body. Some days are¬†good (decent energy/good food choices) and some days are really bad (no energy, headaches, don’t want to get out of bed but have to so I can feed the sugar monster – my cravings for sugar are through the roof!).

I finally made myself get up and start moving again. I started walking on Sunday and while I only went a little ways it felt good (even though it hurt – my knees, my ankles, my back and my calves). That walk Sunday wiped me out for the rest of the afternoon/evening and even into today…but I forced myself to get out of bed, grab a “healthy” 90 calorie fiber one bar for breakfast and head out for a walk. Again, the walk wiped me out and I had to sleep for a little bit after getting back and even though it hurt my body again and depleted my energy, it felt good. ¬†I even went for a really short second walk tonight – on the beach!¬†I ate pretty good today, but did have ice cream and I’m trying really hard to not beat myself up over it. After all, this process is all about baby steps!

Current Weight 

The nutritionist I meet with (it’s part of the “requirement” for hypertension treatment at my doctor’s office) doesn’t want me focusing too much on the number on the scale (I’m obsessive over it) and instead focus on getting up and moving and starting to replace some of the junk food I like to snack on with healthier choices. But, I still need to know the number on the scale as a beginning reference.

Back in February I was 330 (or 338, I don’t remember for sure) and got down to 303. Now I’m back up to 310 according to doctor’s scale but 314 on my home scale.

So yeah…that’s where I’m at currently. And it felt really good to post here again!

I’ll be back….



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