I’m Tishia, a 30 something full of life, fun-loving, vibrant, single mom to one boy.

As if single parenting (which I’ve been doing since six days before his first birthday…but who’s counting?) didn’t keep me busy enough I started my own home business.

I’ve been running an internet marketing virtual assistant business since January 2006. Both parenting and running a home business have been challenging but they are also two of the most rewarding things God has blessed me with.

My son and I reside in a peculiar lovely little town in northern Michigan where the locals find great joy in snipe hunting. Not that I would know anything about being gullible enough to fall for something as ridiculously insane as walking into the woods in the middle of the night with paper bag in hand, crouching down and calling out “here snipey snipe snipe, here snipey snipe snipe” as the rest of the gang bursts out laughing and takes off running leaving me some poor gullible person there to realize they just fell for one of the oldest pranks in the book.

Oh and did I mention I’m plus size?

That’s the whole premise behind this blog (I’m a blogging fanatic! I have 2 other ones too – my Virtual Assistant blog and then a personal blog…of course you could say this blog is kind of personal too!). I’ve struggled with weight my entire life, going on my first diet in 5th grade. I won’t bore you with the details of how mean kids were then or how mean people can still be. I’ll just say in closing that this blog was created to share my journey as I go from the world of the known (plus size) to the unknown (no more plus size)…eventually.