Time to Make Some Changes!

I haven’t been around here for awhile. I haven’t been on Twitter. I haven’t been on Facebook (until just a few minutes ago when I checked in there to say I was still around!). I haven’t been reading my fellow   Read More »

Once Again I’m Right Back at Square One

Once again it’s been forever since I’ve wrote here. Once again I’m right back at square one (meaning I’ve gained ALL the lost weight plus some back – sigh, hanging my head in shame). Life has been C-R-A-Z-Y. Crazy! There   Read More »

Only Six More Sleeps and I Am Off…

Technically it should be seven more sleeps cause I should be sleeping right now but I’m not and it’s 1am which technically makes it Sunday morning now. So that means only six more sleeps and then I’m leaving on a   Read More »

Discover the 10 Reasons You Should Enjoy Chocolate

If you’re ‘dieting’ or on a healthy living journey then you probably avoid chocolate at all costs. More than likely you have a belief that chocolate isn’t good for you. Believe it or not research actually has proven that it   Read More »

Words Hurt

sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me I hate that saying because it’s so not true. Well, sure sticks and stones may break bones but words do hurt! I was just out enjoying my   Read More »

Happy Birthday to Me

Well, here it is my 37th birthday. Yikes! I’m not fond of birthdays…haven’t been since I turned 30. Thankfully this year I’m not nearly as emotional as I was when I hit 30. lol Yes I know age is only   Read More »

This Song Really Hit Home

If you read my recent post Broken Heart: Taking Time to Grieve a Break Up you know I just went through a break up.  And yes, this is another post that has nothing to do with weight loss, healthy living,   Read More »

Self Esteem Boost

My self esteem has always been next to nothing. When you grow up hearing “you have such a pretty face, if only you would lose weight” it’s kind of hard to love yourself. I grew up believing that no one   Read More »

Broken Heart: Taking Time to Grieve a Break Up

Having a broken heart from a break up just plain sucks. It doesn’t matter if you were with someone 2 months or 2 years, when your heart gets broke it hurts regardless of the time spent in the relationship. This   Read More »

I Want To Win This Zumba Workout DVD

I haven’t done Zuma as much as I wanted. But I’ve done it enough to know that I really enjoy it and would love to have a workout DVD I could do at home. Angie over at Losing It And   Read More »