Eggs and Mushroom Melt

For not being much of a cook, I’ve been making some Weight Watchers recipes over the last couple days. Of course, they’ve been really easy recipes. But hey, it’s a start and at least I’m: eating healthier – thanks to   Read More »

Smoothies Here I Come

I’ve really been thinking about juicing lately. I tried it quite awhile ago with a friend when I was visiting her for a few weeks. My biggest ‘complaint’ about the juicing was that it was expensive – it took a   Read More »

Another “Diet” Failure

Low Carb Fail I feel like such a failure… I only made it on low-carb for a month, actually just shy of a month. I feel like I had myself set up for failure from the beginning because I wasn’t   Read More »

Time to Make Some Changes!

I haven’t been around here for awhile. I haven’t been on Twitter. I haven’t been on Facebook (until just a few minutes ago when I checked in there to say I was still around!). I haven’t been reading my fellow   Read More »

Discover the 10 Reasons You Should Enjoy Chocolate

If you’re ‘dieting’ or on a healthy living journey then you probably avoid chocolate at all costs. More than likely you have a belief that chocolate isn’t good for you. Believe it or not research actually has proven that it   Read More »

I Feel So Hopeless When It Comes To Food

Why can’t things just be easy when it comes to food? Why do I have to be a compulsive eater? Why do I have to be addicted to food? Why can’t I get things under control? I thought Weight Watchers   Read More »

The Harder I Try …

… the worse it is. What does that mean? The harder I try to be ‘good’ when it comes to food and not binge or eat bad the worse I am! It’s only 8am and I’ve already had one binge   Read More »

A Day In The Life Of A Food Addict

“I’m not trying to sound rude by asking you this. I just don’t understand and want to know. Will you please explain to me what food addiction feels and looks like?”

Weight Watchers Pumpkin Fluff Recipe

I love me some pumpkin pie. As in I could seriously probably sit down with a tub of cool whip, a whole pumpkin pie and eat the entire thing. Ok, well maybe not but I love the stuff! I don’t   Read More »

I Need Your Help

Hey everyone! I came to the two places I know I’ll get some great advice – my Facebook page and here. I’m counting down the days (11 to be exact!) until my dad, sister, son and I fly out to   Read More »