A friend invited me to join Curves with her. We made plans to go check them out today, not thinking about it being a holiday. I don’t really need to ‘check’ them out – I was a member at one   Read More »

Zumba Class Take Two

Took my second Zumba class today. Loved it. Amazing how much of a difference taking a class with a teacher you like really can make!

Virgin No More

No, not that kind of a virgin. Jeez peeps get your minds out of the gutter 😉 I’m referring to no longer being a Zumba virgin anymore. I’ve been wanting to try it for awhile now but that stupid comfort   Read More »

Sometimes It’s The Little Things

Who is this person and what have you done with Tishia? I’m sitting here thinking back over the last couple days and I’m just like ‘wow, where has this chic been hiding herself?’ Obviously I’m referring to myself lol. The   Read More »

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

When it comes to my comfort zone I’m a little…well too comfortable! I like the little ‘box’ that I live in that I’ve grown overly comfortable with. I have a certain small group of friends I hang out with, I   Read More »

Couch to 5k Day One

I had absolutely no intention of starting the Couch to 5k program today. In fact I was laying in bed feeling overly exhausted, horrible headache and stuffed up nose. When just out of the blue I had a little conversation   Read More »

Walk Run Events

Walk run events are something you should think about once you’ve been walking for awhile. These events are a great way to amp up your exercise routine.

Walking for Exercise Routine

The other day I posted about walking for exercise. Today, let’s take a look at getting into a walking routine. If you’re anything like me, the mere thought of an exercise routine even something as simple and ‘easy’ as walking   Read More »

Walking for Exercise

Walking for exercise is a great way to jump on board with an exercise routine. Especially if you’ve been inactive for a long time. In fact, many doctors and fitness ‘gurus’ will tell you when just starting out even 15 minutes a day of moderate walking is the best thing to do. Walking, if combined with healthy eating is a great way to lose weight too. There are quite a few reasons why it’s a great way to begin your weight loss journey:

Just Dance 2 Makes Me Sweat!

I am the least uncoordinated person you’ll ever know. Seriously. I can trip just walking on flat surfaces! And I can’t carry a beat so when it comes to dancing I really suck at it. But I love it! (Side   Read More »