Am I Too Fat To Run?

I’m not being sarcastic when I ask that question. I want to run. It’s so weird to write that. I remember last year when I was way fitter than I am now (and 56 pounds lighter !) and how hard   Read More »

How Not To Get A Date At The Gym

I’m totally embarassed…yeah I’m feeling like that picture to the left! Ok so maybe I’m not feeling like a monkey but whatever. lol Ok so there’s been this guy that has been at the gym every night lately and he’s   Read More »

Thanks To The Ex I Had An Awesome Workout!

Last night when I posted my Weight Watchers weigh in post I mentioned in the beginning that I was upset when I got to the meeting because of my son’s dad. It’s a long story and I don’t feel like   Read More »

Sweat Sweat Sweat

I think sweat is gross but yet I like it…if I’m working out. Did that make any sense? I hate sweating unless I’m working out. If I’m working out and not sweating then I feel like I’m not getting a   Read More »

Oh Snap!

I received the most amazing blessing ever. I was just given a 4 month membership to the gym I used to go to – Snap Fitness. I had just started Weight Watchers this past Thursday and I was trying to   Read More »

I Have Given Up

It’s so easy to ignore this blog when I’m not completely 100% on board the healthy lifestyle/exercise train…and I haven’t been since Memorial Day Weekend which has been almost 1 full month now. I feel crappy. I’m tired. I think   Read More »

The Start Of Some Serious Gym Time

This time of year tends to be a bittersweet time of year for me. You see my son has been spending a lot of time (last summer it was 6 straight weeks!) the last few years with his dad during   Read More »

What’s Your Excuse: I Can’t Afford a Gym

This is a guest post by Lisa Thomson who writes for Plus Size Survival.  It is part two in a five part blog tour. I can’t afford to eat healthy.  I don’t have time to go to the gym. My   Read More »

I Have Turned Into A Gym Rat

It’s official I have turned into a gym rat. I think about working out 24/7. I hate sweating but at the same time I love it…figure that one out! I love how I feel after a hard core workout session.   Read More »

Met With Two Certified Personal Trainers Today

I had an 11am appointment today at the gym with one of the certified personal trainers. He showed me how to properly use all the weight machines (I’ve really got to get past the mindset that lifting weights makes you   Read More »