Repeat After Me…

I have no idea why but I woke up with 4 sayings in my head this morning so I figured I would write them down and start saying them every morning when I wake up. Or every time I feel   Read More »

Truth Hurts

So, I’ve been thinking. A lot. Thinking about what? The recent comment that I was hurt by. The more time I’ve spent thinking about it I realized that the reason I was hurt and upset over it is because she   Read More »

I’m Back!

I’m baaaaack! 🙂 Back in my ‘groove’ of wanting to get healthy again! I keep thinking about a few things that happened on vacation that I was going to write about but never did. It hurts to think about these   Read More »

48 Days To A Better Me

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted. I’ve kind of lost my blogging mojo. Of course it’s kind of hard to feel inspired to write on a weight loss / getting healthy blog when you’re struggling with doing even the littlest   Read More »

Six Miles In Two Days

Oh yeah baby! I’ve clocked 6 miles (walking/jogging) in the last 2 days. It’s been a long time since I’ve walked outside and this is the first time I’ve jogged outside. It’s a completely different experience doing it outside and   Read More »

Thank You

After my I Have Given Up Post I sat here and cried for awhile. I felt miserable that I was even thinking, let alone writing, that I was choosing failure as an option because that is NOT what I want!   Read More »

Bring It On

My gym is having a contest starting this Friday May 14th called “Weigh Down Your Summer.” Every week starting this Friday, going until the end of July, you weigh in with a staffed member. Every week the top losers will   Read More »

What An Honor

If you aren’t involved in the work at home community you may not know who I’m talking about when I say Scott Tousignant of He’s very well known in the WAHM community and I’ve known him for quite awhile.   Read More »

Free Q & A Call With Fitness Expert Scott Tousignant

I’ve been impressed with Scott Tousignant ever since I first signed up for his Fat Loss Quickie program quite awhile ago. He sure knows his stuff when it comes to fitness and working out. Not only that but he’s full   Read More »

Motivation Monday – You’re Unstoppable

How bad do you want to achieve your weight loss goal? You’ve got to take it moment by moment, one step at a time! You’ve got to believe you can be anything you want to be! You are unstoppable, so   Read More »