This Song Really Hit Home

If you read my recent post Broken Heart: Taking Time to Grieve a Break Up you know I just went through a break up.  And yes, this is another post that has nothing to do with weight loss, healthy living,   Read More »

I Want To Win This Zumba Workout DVD

I haven’t done Zuma as much as I wanted. But I’ve done it enough to know that I really enjoy it and would love to have a workout DVD I could do at home. Angie over at Losing It And   Read More »

Almost a Month Later…

They always say you don’t realize how much you take something for granted until it’s gone…in this instance it’s not something I ‘lost’ (well technically I guess you could say I did lose something – my mobility) but something that   Read More »

Wonderful Weekend With The Kiddo

I had a great weekend with the kiddo! This is the first time he’s spend the weekend since the move last month. I was a bit bummed that my back was still bugging me because it prevented us from doing   Read More »

Nothing Like a Hurt Back to Stop Ya in Your Tracks

Ouch! That pretty much sums of what I’m feeling right now. I’ve had back issues for several years now. In the past the flare ups I’ve had haven’t lasted long or ‘stopped me in my tracks’. That’s why this one   Read More »