Long Time, No Post!

It’s been forever since I’ve posted here. I figured the next four weeks would be a great time to at least share something once a week. Why the next four weeks? I’m participating in a Biggest Loser Challenge with some   Read More »

Starting Point Pictures & A New Hairdo

Last time I never took starting point pictures…at least I don’t think I did. If I remember correctly I didn’t take pictures until I had already lost 30 lbs or so. This time around I wanted to have pictures from   Read More »

A Few Different Things

So let’s see… First here are two new weight loss pics I just added to these pics to my ‘collection’. If you didn’t see my recent weigh in post I’m now down 54.4 pounds 🙂 So I still look at   Read More »

Before And After Weight Loss Photos – 38 lbs Down

Things have slowed down a lot in the weight loss department. I’ve had a couple weekends in a row where I’ve went on major binge eating sessions. I’ve managed to get right back on track each Monday after the weekend   Read More »

Weight Loss Before And After Pictures

One thing I need to start doing is taking more pictures of this weight loss journey.  I don’t have very many before and after weight loss pictures. Well of course I’m only 30 pounds into losing weight so it’s not   Read More »