Another “Diet” Failure

Low Carb Fail I feel like such a failure… I only made it on low-carb for a month, actually just shy of a month. I feel like I had myself set up for failure from the beginning because I wasn’t   Read More »

Low Carb Check In: Week Three

Low carb is going great. I’m feeling wonderful – haven’t felt this good in such a long time! I started low carb on October 8th, so I’m in my third week. I have to confess that when I decided to   Read More »

Low Carb Week One Weigh In

It’s been one week since I started eating low carb. For the most part I feel really good. The first few days I had pretty massive headaches which I’m sure were from junk food/sugar withdrawal. Once I got past the   Read More »

Day # 1 Low Carb Challenge and Starting Weight

Making a Decision to go Low Carb I know a lot of people don’t agree with the low carb way of life. But I decided to join some friends in a 90 day low carb challenge. And honestly, doing something   Read More »